List 2020 of former officials who died

List 2020 of former officials who died

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Information communicated by the Office between January and December 2020.

In memoriam: The Bureau of the Section of Former Officials of the ILO Staff Union extends its sincere condolences to the bereaved families of the colleagues whose names are listed below, as it is currently impossible to send more personalised condolences.

Mme Vve BERNA-LUGON Bernadette 25.01.20
Mme BERTRAND Marie-José 26.11.20
Mme BLANCHET Colette 28.01.20
Mme Vve BOISARD Helga 19.02.20
Mme BONNIN Andrée 27.06.20
M. BOUVIER Claude 29.12.19
M. BRANDI Giampaolo 28.11.20
M. BROGGINI Jean 17.12.19
Mme CARDONE Barbara 10.08;20
M. CUMMINGS San Sam Ward 31.12.19
M. DAIDONE Angelo Luigi 05.01.20
Mme DULAC Annie 11.04.20
M. FLUGEL Jean 02.01.20
Mme GALLEY Mary 26.05.20
M. GORHAM Alexander Bert 20.10;20
M. HEALY John 17.05.20
M. INFANTE Barra Ricarda 21.06.20
Mme JANSSENS Shirley 17.12.20
Mme JUTTER Marianne 19.10.19
Mme KARAVASIL Joséphine L. 27.07.20
Mme Vve KLIESCH Evelyn E. 20.07.20
Mme LEES-BECERRA Maria Angeles 05.08.20
M. LUEBBE Heinz 28.05.20
M. MARDSEN Keith 14.05.20
Mme MASS Clarine Rosa 10.04.20
M. MAURER Gérard Otto 31.12.19
M. MEJIA William Nelson 10.10.20
M. MILA Pierre 11.05.20
Mme Vve MOLTEDO Castanaô Cecilia 30.07.20
M. NARASIMHAN Venkatraman 18.12.19
Mme NIEGEMEIER Olive Eleonor 15.07.20
Mme OBERHOLZ Yvette 23.11.20
M. PALLUD Jean 09.09.20
M. PETROV Nikolaï 06.06.20
Mme PIBOULEAU Olga D. 23.07.20
M. PREMARATINE Amarawansa 06.08.20
M. PRICE Stanley Alfred 07.04.20
Mme RAFFESTIN Hélène 15.12.19
Mme ROSSIER Marie-Thérèse 11.04.20
M. ROSSILION Claude 14.12.19
M. SABORIT Francisco 30.11.19
Mme SCHWYZGUEBEL Tatiana 18.01.20
M. SERBITZER Jurgen 08.08.20
Mme SHARMA Ram 36.05.20
M. SINGLA Prem Prakash 19.05.20
Mme SOLOWICZ Esther 07.10.19
Mme Vve STREHLKE Lore 17.03.20
Mme Vve TACCHI Galparoli Maria Amunta 14.06.20
M. TESTA Ignazio 06.09.20
M. TCHALYKH Leonid 14.11.19
Mme WALKER Grace Catherin 26.04.20
M. ZMIROU Elie 20.11.20





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