Déclaration de situation (CE) 2017

Déclaration de situation (CE) 2017

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Message of the UNJSPF

Certificate of Entitlement (CE) 2017


The Chief Executive Officer of the Pension Fund is required, under the Fund’s Regulations and Rules, to confirm each year that a beneficiary continues to be entitled to receive a pension benefit from the Fund. For this purpose, a Certificate of Entitlement (CE) is sent to all beneficiaries whose benefit has been in payment for at least 6 months at the time of the 1st yearly CE Mailing which takes place at the very end of the month of May.

The purpose of this communication is to advise you that the 2017 Certificates of Entitlement, dated 31 May 2017, were dispatched to the Fund’s beneficiaries worldwide during the very first days of June 2017. Approximately 58,697 CEs were sent out, either via the US Postal Service or the UN Diplomatic Pouch Service. The time it takes for the CE to reach its respective destination is largely dependent upon the postal services of the countries involved.

It is extremely important that beneficiaries sign and complete the bar-coded 2017 CE and return it to the UNJSPF no later than 15 September 2017. Otherwise, in a major effort to avoid suspending anyone’s benefit, a second bar-coded CE will be dispatched at the end of September 2017 to all those beneficiaries for whom the Fund’s CE tracker did not record a returned (bar-coded) 2017 CE. If no duly completed 2017 CE has reached the Fund by 31 December 2017, the subsequent benefit payment may be suspended.

Please note that in an effort to enhance services provided to the Fund’s clients, the 2017 CE forms can be downloaded and printed from the Fund’s Member Self Service (MSS) by those retirees who have registered for MSS and whose benefits are NOT paid on the two track. This new feature is currently available ONLY for former Fund participants who are now in receipt of a retirement or disability benefit.

CE forms for beneficiaries in receipt of a form of survivor’s benefit are NOT yet available on MSS; they will be able to download the CE from MSS starting with the next CE Exercise in 2018. CE forms for those retirees whose benefit is paid on the two track are NOT available on MSS and in line with audit requirements for two track benefits will not be made available in the future. These beneficiaries and retirees must await receipt of the original hard copy 2017 CE form through pouch or postal mail.

Each CE form, is individually overprinted with the case specific and relevant personal information (name, UID and retirement numbers, etc.) for each retiree and beneficiary as well as the case specific bar-code (which will allow tracking of each CE sent and returned to the Fund). Each beneficiary must return a duly dated and signed original bar-coded CE form to the Fund carrying his/her ORIGINAL signature in blue ink. The Fund cannot accept copies, faxes or PDF attachments to email in lieu of the hard copy form carrying the beneficiary’s ORIGINAL signature.

Please note, the Fund has posted an update on its website (www.unjspf.org), which provides a full summary of the status of the current CE mailing, as well as other useful information concerning the CE process, namely, the Fund’s online CE tracking feature as well as the steps retirees and beneficiaries should take in case the 2017 CE has not reached them by the end of September 2017.

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation in this important exercise. It is greatly appreciated.

The UNJSPF Client Services Team

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