Art and Decoration Circle

The Circle, a member of the ILO (International Labor Organization) Sports and Leisure Association, has recently reinitiated its activities by adopting proper formal status and electing an Executive Committee. This was duly done at the General Meeting of 26 May 2014. The Committee met on 9 September 2014 and decided to make publicly known the revival of the Art Circle.

Therefore this short note to invite you to join the Art and Decoration Circle of the ILO. The Constituent General Assembly has proposed broadening the activities of the Art Circle to include decoration, photography and floral arts in addition to painting and artistic creation. All other proposal will be considered by the Committee.

The ILO Art and Decoration Circle is open to active and retired members of international organizations and their families. Anyone interested in joining it should contact the Committee at the address below either by post or e-mail. You will receive an application form by return as well as a payment slip for the annual membership fee of CHF 40.

Postal address:
The Art and Decoration Circle,
Section of Former Officials,
4 Route des Morillons,
CH-1202 Geneva,
Tel : + 41 (0)22 799 64 23;