Bureau members

Bureau de la Section des anciens fonctionnaires

(Mandat du 1er janvier 2018 au 31 décembre 2019)
[Photo: Cherry Thompson-Senior, Elizabeth Sommaro, Kitty Hooton, Bert Essenberg, Ivan M.C.S. Elsmark, François Kientzler, Abdoulaye Diallo, Venkataraman Narasimhan, Jean-François Santarelli]

Honorary Executive Secretary Ivan M.C.S. Elsmark
Executive Secretary François Kientzler
Assistant Executive Secretaries Abdoulaye Diallo, Cherry Thompson-Senior
Assistant Treasurer Bert Essenberg
Minutes of the Bureau’s meetings Bert Essenberg
Editor of Message to Former Officials François Kientzler et Ivan M.C.S. Elsmark
Health issues J-F Santarelli
Pension issues, UNJSPF Pierre Sayour
SHIF Cherry Thompson-Senior
Representative to ILO Pensions Committee Cherry Thompson-Senior
Relations with members in the regions and new members Abdoulaye Diallo, Venkataraman Narasimhan
Relations with the Governing Body Abdoulaye Diallo
Relations with the Union François Kientzler, Abdoulaye Diallo
Relations with AAFI/AFICS François Kientzler, Abdoulaye Diallo, Venkataraman Narasimhan
“Anciens” web site Cherry Thompson-Senior
Centenary working group François Kientzler, Sally C. Cornwell, Abdoulaye Diallo, Ivan M.C.S. Elsmark, Bert Essenberg, Venkataraman Narasimhan
Other questions Secrétariat

While each member of the Bureau follows a specific area, it should be noted that it is the Bureau as a whole that decides and defines the positions and actions to be taken on behalf of the Section of Former Officials.N.B. Please note that where more than one person is listed against a subject the person principally responsible for the subject is listed first.

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