ILO Art Circle’s 2017 exhibition

Following its relaunch in 2014 and at the initiative of several members of the Former Officials Section, the ILO Art and Decoration Circle organized its third annual exhibition, from 2 to 13 October 2017. Chaired by the Section’s Executive Secretary, François Kientzler, it adopted statutes in line with those of the Sports & Leisure Association of the ILO. Cooperation with Johanna de Vries, S&L’s new President, has been first class and a project is under way to set up a permanent exhibition in the staff lounges on R1. New members have joined the Circle, and this third exhibition completely filled the space available. Our thanks to the ILO’s various units and management for making this event possible. In particular we would like to thank DCOMM for its help and advice in putting the exhibition on.

The ILO Colonnades are an ideal spot for such an exhibition given the way they are configured and the quality of the light, and not least the fact that they are somewhere no official or visitor can avoid passing through. Comments received focused on the quality of the exhibits and the progress shown by artists that have now been exhibiting for two or three years. The Colonnades were also enlivened by floral displays (see the photo album on the Section’s website)

The exhibition’s opening ceremony was held on Tuesday 4 October at 5pm and brought together over a hundred participants, artists and friends. In his words of welcome, the President greeted the invited artists and friends, thanked ILO units, and recalled the recent history of the Circle. He spoke of the diversity of techniques used, as well as the variety of paintings, ranging from representative work through more abstract efforts to silk painting. Sculpture was also well represented, with exhibits by three artists that were much appreciated. Presentations of handmade jewellery are similarly successful every year. The 2018 exhibition may focus on the ILO Centenary, to be celebrated in 2019.

Finally, the President invited the participants to raise their glasses. All present praised the almost perfect organization of the event with a special mention to those who prepared the reception, held in Espace Gobelins, a very pleasant spot for meeting old friends and making new ones. We also welcomed guests from an association similar to ours in the Annecy region. Building on this success, the Art and Decoration Circle will continue to develop its activities and remains open to any new members, either active or retired, with ties to the ILO or any other international organization. The Committee of the Circle considers applications for membership on the basis of artistic activity that must be primarily for leisure purposes.