ILO Circle of Arts Virtual Exhibition 2021

The ILO Arts and Decoration Circle has been backed by the ILO Former Officials Section for many years. As well as generating artefacts and items of value, artistic activity also helps foster personal development.

Owing to the pandemic, the organization of exhibitions has been curtailed across the world. With the support of a number of Office departments, the Arts Circle has always staged an annual exhibition in the ILO Colonnades. The Circle hopes the exhibition will return there as soon as possible.

Some Circle members have expressed a wish to present their work in virtual form through the use of new technologies, though aware this can never replace a real exhibition. The format has the added advantage of enabling them to keep in touch with each other. Other members have stressed how difficult it is to be creative in a time of pandemic; we know how they feel.

See shots of Circle members’ creations on this web page.

François Kientzler
President of the ILO Arts and Decoration Circle

The participants

[Click on the photo to find the presentation of the artist and the gallery of his works]

Mojdeh Aazam-Taleghani

Guy Bezou

Michel Faivre

Carmen Falaize

Lore Hyatt

François Kientzler

Hedva Sarfati

Pierre Sayour

Patricia Sayour

Caroline Scudamore

Venus Sharifi

Cornelia Sultan-Khan

Nivie van Ginneken

Marie-Luise Von Muralt