The objective of the Staff Health Insurance Fund (SHIF) of International Labour Office (ILO), shall be to provide, to the extent prescribed by the the Regulations and the Administrative Rules, reimbursement of the expenses which may be incurred for health protection – including medical care in case of illness, accident and maternity and personal preventive care – by persons protected by the Fund.

Important Notice :

  • The SHIF management Committee is ensured by a management committee which includes representatives of the Administration, active personnel and retired civil servants.
  • Benefits are 80 per cent of the cost except for certain treatments where expenses are capped, such as optical, dental or psychotherapy costs.
  • In terms of prevention, care such as mammograms, prostate exams, colonoscopies and flu vaccinations are reimbursed at 100 per cent.
  • In the case of heavy expenses and subject to certain conditions, healthcare costs are reimbursed one hundred per cent above a certain ceiling.
  • Retirees who have access to national health insurance can, under certain conditions, combine the two insurances.

More information can be found on the SHIF Website :