The new Bureau 2024-2026 of the Section of ILO former Officials

The new Bureau 2024-2026 of the Section of ILO former Officials

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After several complicated years, generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and during which the Section operated with a reduced Board and without being able to hold proper elections, the return to normality is very welcome.

Proper elections have been held and we are pleased to introduce the new members elected for the 2024-2026 term of office:

  • Alejandro Bonilla Garcia
  • Catherine Comte-Tiberghien
  • Abdoulaye Diallo
  • François Kientzler
  • Simar Proust
  • Jean-Francois Santarelli
  • Pierre Sayour
  • Cherry Thompson-Senior
  • Peter Wichmand

The Board met for the first time on Tuesday 16 January to allocate the following executive functions:

Executive Secretary : François Kientzler
Deputy Executive Secretaries : Catherine Comte-Tiberghien, Abdoulaye Diallo
Treasurer : Peter Wichmand
Deputy Treasurer : Cherry Thompson Senior
Secretary : Simar Proust
Honorary Board member (not elected) : Ivan Elsmark

For more information on the various responsibilities of Bureau members, click here:



From left to right: P. Sayour, S. Proust ,F. Kientzler, C. Comte-Tiberghien, S. Deboos (President of the union), A. Diallo, J-F. Santarelli, C. Thomson- Senior, P. Wichmand, A. Bonilla Garcia, I. Elsmark