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1 October 2024 – International Day of Older Persons – The Section of Former Officials of the ILO holds event

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Save the date !

1 October 2024 : International Day of Older Persons

The Section of ILO’s Former Officials invites you to an intergenerational event:

Working at the ILO: yesterday, today and tomorrow

11.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.

Films, quiz, world cafés, round-table discussion, cocktail party and art exhibition

With the support of the ILO Staff Union and HRD

Stay tuned, we’ll tell you more…

List 2024 of former officials who died

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In memoriam:

Personnes décédées: informations transmises par le BIT depuis janvier 2024

Le Bureau de la Section des Anciens du BIT adresse ses condoléances aux familles des personnes décédées.

Information communicated by the Office since January 2024

The Bureau of the Section of Former Officials of the ILO extends its sincere condolences to the bereaved families.

M. BERNAZ Bertand 08/03/2024
M. BEROUTI Lucien Jean 12/12/2023
Mme BERSIER Marie-Jeanne 07/03/2024
M. CHENG Ty 07/04/2024
Mme CHIORINO Paola 05/01/2024
Mme DJOKITCH Christine 21/02/2024
Mme DUMONT Monica 04/12/2023
Mme Vve FAVERO Andrée 31/01/2024
Mme Vve GARRIGUE Marguerite Paulette 25/01/2024
Mme Vve HOSKINS Irène 15/10/2023
M. IBRAHIMA Zakari 12/10/2023
Mme MARTE Frieda S. 14/03/2024
Mme Vve MARTINEZ Pasqualina 03/02/2024
Mme MARTINEZ Pascalina 03/02/2024
M. NECK Philip Arthur 01/12/2023
Mme OTTERSGARD Britta 02/01/2024
Mme PANKERT Hélène 22/10/2023
Mme PLAVEC Claire 22/04/2024
M. SANCHEZ-VENTURA Rafael 24/12/2023
M. SHAHI Bekha N. 19/12/2024
M. SPERLING Jan Bodo 26/01/2024
Mme TEWS Katja 04/05/2024
Mme Vve VASCONEZ DE MALO Cecilia Carmen 08/12/2023
M. WILHELM Claude 28/01/2024



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Extract from the letter received on March 12, 2024, following our letter to Mr. Hao Bin, Deputy Director in charge of Internal Services and the meeting with Ms. Danielle Guiho, Director of Human Resources on February 20 of a delegation from the Bureau of the Section.

Please take good note of it and kindly comply with these instructions.

“With regard to the policy for managing access to the ILO’s Geneva headquarters and field offices for the persons mentioned above, please take note of the following provisions:

  1. Retired ILO colleagues with badges may enter the building without further formalities. Those who do not have a badge must go to the Accreditation Office to obtain a << courtesy retired badge >> in accordance with the usual procedure.
  2. Retired colleagues from other International Agencies and Organisations who are in possession of an access badge with a photo of their Organisation will be granted access on a reciprocal basis, as was the case before the pandemic.
  3. Recognised dependants of ILO pensioners will also be granted access to the building on presentation of their CAPS card and an identity document at the R2 North reception desk, and will then receive a visitor’s badge for the duration of their visit.
  4. If you would like to drop off CAPS documents, please note that there is a letterbox in the PI car park for this purpose. Although pensioners and recognised dependants have access to the building, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance for any consultations with CAPS colleagues.
  5. Dependents of retirees from other International Agencies or Organizations will only be granted access to the building upon invitation by an ILO staff member in accordance with visitor access procedures. All requests for visitor access must be sent at least 24 hours in advance by an ILO Geneva staff member to For visits involving more than five people and/or more than five days, a request for a meeting badge must be sent to at least five working days in advance.
  6. We would be grateful if you could advise your members, for their comfort and in order to give priority to our constituents, to avoid visits to the building during busy periods such as the Governing Body, the International Labour Conference and sectoral meetings.
  7. As regards access to ILO field offices, access procedures defined in advance by UNDSS for each country and adapted to the level of risk are often applied, particularly if the ILO shares offices with other UN agencies. Retired colleagues can always contact the relevant ILO field office to obtain an access badge if this is the case in the country, or to find out about the access procedure in force”.

Extract from the letter received from the Director of Human Resources on 12 March 2024.


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A delegation from Our Section met with Ms Guiho, Director of Human Resources, ILO, at her office at headquarters on Tuesday 20 February at 4pm.

The delegation consisted of the following members: François Kientzler, Executive Secretary; Catherine Comte-Tiberghien, Deputy Executive Secretary; Abdoulaye Diallo, Deputy Executive Secretary; Simar Proust, Secretary; Peter Wichmand, Treasurer.

At the begining of the meeting, the members of the delegation quickly introduced themselves individually. François Kientzler then presented the Section and its activities, highlighting the following aspects:

– The Section was set up some forty years ago, and is part of the ILO Staff Union under Annex IV of the Union’s Statutes.

– The Section provides a social link between former and working staff and its mission is to strengthen these links, to inform, to communicate and to respond to the specific requests of former staff by various means, such as e-mail, post and many others.

– Every year, the Section publishes a magazine called “Message”, which is sent by post to all retirees, whether or not they are members of the Section.

– A website, hosted outside the ILO, strengthens the Section’s communication, disseminates information of interest to members (800 retirees) and ensures a lively link with the ILO.

The Section organises one meeting a year on issues of interest to both working and retired members. For example, the most recent meeting dealt with two key subjects: the health fund and the latest developments in this area, and the digital certificate to facilitate pensioner access to pensions.

The meeting planned for this year could take place around Senior Citizens’ Day on 1 October, and activities are being considered to highlight the importance of intergenerational links.

With regard to the annual retirees’ reception organised by the Administration, the Section expressed the strong wish that it be held on a date that would allow the Director General to be present among the retirees.

François also highlighted the work of the Section with other associations of retirees from the UN system, such as AAFI-AFICS, whose Board has representatives at FAFICS, the only association entitled to have a seat in New York.

The Section also runs an Arts Circle, which organises exhibitions in the Colonnades area of the head office.

As for the Section’s areas of interest, François mentions health and welfare issues, the CAPS, whose Management Committee has a balance between active and retired members. He also mentioned the UN Pension Fund, on whose Secretariat the Section have  an observer status.

François then raised a number of specific points for discussion with the Director:

– Access to the ILO and access to ILO buildings for retirees in the field. He expressed the wish that a badge be given to each ILO retiree.

– He also expressed the wish that the organisation of the pre-retirement seminar be revisited in order to reach a wider audience.

– Finally, François expressed the Section’s willingness to work with the Administration to ensure that the culture and history of the ILO are maintained and passed on.

After this presentation, Ms Guiho welcomed the members of the Section and expressed her interest in the activities carried out by the Section and the importance of the links between active and former members.

In response to the request concerning badges, Ms Guiho promised to look into the matter in all its aspects.

With regard to the pre-retirement seminar, she pointed out that the seminar documents were placed jointly (UNOG/ILO) on the website for consultation, three weeks before the seminar took place, and considered that this organisational model remained valid.

She suggested that a brochure on the Alumni Section be prepared and distributed with the documents to future retirees.

She also said that she was very interested in the idea of retirees being prepared to work together to maintain the culture and history of the ILO among working people, particularly young working people.

She found the idea of an intergenerational workshop/exchange very interesting and promised to look into the matter with her team with a view to organising an event along these lines.

After this rich and promising exchange, the meeting came to an end and the representatives of the Alumni Section left the office of the Director of Human Resources, with a view to keeping in touch to follow up on issues of interest.


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On Friday 16 January 2024, the Section of the ILO Former Officials took the opportunity of the General Assembly (1st session) of the ILO Staff Union, to meet the elected titulars of the regions and the Turin Centre.

As you know, the Section welcomes all retired ILO officials, whether they worked at headquarters or in the field, as members in exchange for a small membership fee (Membership form). The Section has around 800 members, most of whom are based in Geneva or Europe.

As we are keen to encourage our former colleagues in the regions to become members in order to benefit, even from afar, from all the services and support offered by the Section, it was important for the Section to meet with the regional  titulars in order to take stock with them of the situation of ILO retirees in their respective regions and to discuss more specific current problems.

First of all, the Section wanted to review with them whether or not access to ILO premises in the various countries was being facilitated for retirees.   In this respect, the Section would like to see all ILO retirees treated equally as regards access to ILO premises. The Section is in talks with the administration to ensure that, as is the case at Headquarters in Geneva, all retirees can, at their request, obtain a specific badge (courtesy retiree) to access to the ILO premises.

The Section also wanted to know the nature and quantity of the ILO’s network of associations of retirees throughout the world (official or unofficial) in order to list them and include them on its website, so as to encourage new retirees to get in touch with them.

The Section also wishes to inform its retired members in the various countries that, in the absence of specific ILO groups, they have the possibility of joining Associations of the United Nations System generally known as AFICS and of which the umbrella Federation, FAFICS, maintains an up-to-date list on its site. (FAFICS_Member_Associations_E)

The Section will also be taking advantage of the redesign of its website to expand the information on the regions, but to do this, it also needs contacts on the ground who are willing to provide this information. We are therefore counting on all our members in the regions to ensure that the activities of ILO retirees around the world are better represented.

Visit our website:

React on our Facebook page:

Contact us:

The new Bureau 2024-2026 of the Section of ILO former Officials

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After several complicated years, generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and during which the Section operated with a reduced Board and without being able to hold proper elections, the return to normality is very welcome.

Proper elections have been held and we are pleased to introduce the new members elected for the 2024-2026 term of office:

  • Alejandro Bonilla Garcia
  • Catherine Comte-Tiberghien
  • Abdoulaye Diallo
  • François Kientzler
  • Simar Proust
  • Jean-Francois Santarelli
  • Pierre Sayour
  • Cherry Thompson-Senior
  • Peter Wichmand

The Board met for the first time on Tuesday 16 January to allocate the following executive functions:

Executive Secretary : François Kientzler
Deputy Executive Secretaries : Catherine Comte-Tiberghien, Abdoulaye Diallo
Treasurer : Peter Wichmand
Deputy Treasurer : Cherry Thompson Senior
Secretary : Simar Proust
Honorary Board member (not elected) : Ivan Elsmark

For more information on the various responsibilities of Bureau members, click here:



From left to right: P. Sayour, S. Proust ,F. Kientzler, C. Comte-Tiberghien, S. Deboos (President of the union), A. Diallo, J-F. Santarelli, C. Thomson- Senior, P. Wichmand, A. Bonilla Garcia, I. Elsmark

Event organized in Geneva and on Zoom on the theme of «Intergenerational Dialogue 2023»

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Greycells and its partners are organizing an event in Geneva on 7 December, 5 pm at Palais Eynard on the theme of «Intergenerational Dialogue 2023», an initiative that highlights the rights of older people as pillars of human rights.

Download the PDF of the invitation


The annual reception for retirees of September 28, 2023, at ILO Headquarters in Geneva

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On September 28, 2023, the annual reception for retirees was held at ILO Headquarters in Geneva. No less than 150 people attended this festive event, which is always eagerly awaited and very well organized by HRD (special thanks to Fiona). Indeed, it’s a great opportunity for our members to catch up with old colleagues with whom they’ve worked, to meet the new faces at the helm of the organization, and to catch up on the latest activities of the Section of ILO Former officials.

This year, in the unfortunate absence of the new Director General, Gilbert Houngbo, the administration had sent to replace him its new Deputy Director General, Céleste Drake, its Deputy Director in charge of Internal Services, Hao Bin, and its brand new Director of Human Resources, Danielle Guiho. As usual, the President of the Syndicat, Séverine Deboos, was also present.

Ms. Céleste Drake spoke on behalf of the DG, briefly outlining the organization’s main new activities and objectives underway, and ended her speech by emphasizing the value represented by the former employees, and the fact that the organization’s successes also rested on them. She encouraged greater exchange between them and the organization’s current staff.

Mr. François Kientzler, Executive Secretary of the Alumni Section, welcomed members and gave a brief account of the Section’s activities this year, including the Bureau’s meeting with the DG, and the relaunch of activities after COVID. He spoke of the recurring difficulty for retirees in many field offices to gain access to ILO premises, particularly those nested within the UN buildings. Conversely, at ILO Headquarters in Geneva, new arrangements recently put in place by the security service now seem to prohibit access by retirees from other UN organizations. The Section hopes that reciprocity will be maintained, for as F. Kientzler reminded us, “isn’t the ILO, after all, everyone’s home?

After the official part, as usual, everybody enjoyed the reception in good spirits, making new contacts, recalling fond memories of their workplace and promising to meet again next year.

The photos:

List 2023 of former officials who died

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In memoriam:

Personnes décédées: informations transmises par le BIT depuis janvier 2023

Le Bureau de la Section des Anciens du BIT adresse ses condoléances aux familles des personnes décédées.

Information communicated by the Office since January 2023

The Bureau of the Section of Former Officials of the ILO extends its sincere condolences to the bereaved families.

M. AGARWAL Sutya Prakarsh 15/03/2023
Mme Vve ALLEN Jacqueline 23/03/2023
M. ARAUJO PONCIAN Eduardo 01/06/2023
Mme Vve BASTARD Ciria Elba 02/12/2021
M. BEAUD  Michel 10/02/2023
M. BERROD Daniel 08/07/2023
Mme BILLSON Betty 10/02/2023
Mme BINGELLI Renée 23/02/2023
Mme CHAILLEUX Jeannine 28/04/2023
M. CICERON Gaston 07/07/2023
M. CICHON Michael 30/12/2022
Mme CLARKE Anne Barbara 10/02/2022
M. COCHET Bernard 08/03/2023
Mme COMTE Eliane 24/04/2023
Mme Vve CUMMINGS Monica 11/12/2022
M. DANESI Franco 22/12/2022
M. DIOT Bernard 07/01/2023
M. DJEUFA Jean 04/12/2022
M. ECHEVARRIA Luis Mario 20/06/2023
M. ERBUKE Ayan 14/11/2022
M. FAZZIO Joseph Ciro 09/07/2023
Mme FISHER Susan Margaret 15/01/2023
Mme FRASER Eliza Alison 01/06/2023
M. GHOSE Ajit Kumar 19/01/2023
M. GODONOU DOSSOU Jean 21/06/2023
Mme Vve GUERRA DA SILVA Norma 04/04/2023
M. GUGLIELMOTTO Giulio 20/04/2023
Mme Vve GUNTER Helga 14/02/2023
M. HAISE Bekele 13/02/2023
M. HEFFNER Guy 10/02/2023
M. KABAI Mieczslaw 01/04/2023
Mme KRETHLOW Thea 21/03/2023
Mme LILO Arthurleen J. 21/04/2023
Mme LOVATTI Donatella 12/06/2023
M. MARTINEZ Antonio 13/12/2022
M. McGILLIVRAY Warren 11/04/2023
Mme Vve NETTO DOS REYS DE BRITO Graziella 12/02/2023
Mme Vve PARMEGGIANI Renata 17/02/2023
M. PILLET Lucien 05/07/2023
Mme POSS Elisabeth 22/12/2022
Mme Vve RICHARD Anne-Marie 09/03/2023
Mme ROBERTS Margaret 07/01/2023
Mme ROCHAT Suzanne 15/01/2023
Mme Vve STRAWSON Jeanine 16/02/2023
Mme STRIFFLER Jean  Mary 05/06/2022
M. TARUD Ricardo 08/07/2023
Mme Vve THEOCHARIDES Nina 08/01/2023
M. TORNARE Gilbert 25/03/2023
M. VON ROHLAND Hans-Friedrich 10/04/2023
Mme Vve VOUGHT Brigitte 17/01/2023
Mme VULLIOUD Muguette 28/06/2023
Mme WYNN Sandra S. Alameddine 12/07/2023