Retirees' contribution to the Centenary

Activities in the regions

William Mellgren

Sally Christine Cornwell, Mary Johnson
ILO field offices: coping with political change, civil strife and coups d’état The sub-regional office for the South Pacific in 1987

Jens Müller
Ground breaking policies: labour intensive road construction A case study 50 years into the ILO century

Anita Colignon
In saying a few words about the Brussels office … you could almost write a book!

Werner Sengenberger
The historic role of Germany in the ILO

History of the organization

Marius Viple
The strange and wonderful early years of the ILO

Ivan M.C.S. Elsmark
The Three Keys, A symbol of Tripartism

Ivan M.C.S. Elsmark
The resignation of Harold B. Butler Second Director of the ILO, 1932-38

Jean Mayer
The ILO during World War II and the transfer of the Working Centre to Canada

Edward Phelan
President Roosevelt and the Declaration of Philadelphia

François Agostini
The Declaration of Philadelphia: 1944 – 2004

Peter Auer
In the past even the future was brighter

Sally Christine Cornwell
100 years (nearly): ILO’s efforts to protect performers’ rights Coping with technological change – in a nutshell

Aimée-Elise Morel
Four Lives in the History of the ILO With Albert Thomas and the Paris Office

Siegfried E. Schoen

Björn Grünwald
Active Parntership – a constructive ILO approach

Vladimir Rys
The role of Osvald Stein (1895 – 1943) in the history of the ILO

Roberto P. Payró
Remembering the Conference and the Editorial and Translation Division

Takayuki Ando
The Centenary of the ILO 100 years after having overcome a number of crises

Igor Vokatch
ILO COOP Story: a century-long journey in the cooperative world of work (continued)

Vladimir Rys
Emil Schönbaum (1882-1967), the man who guided the ILO’s transition from social insurance to social security

Francis Blanchard
The ILO, Freedom and Democracy

David A. Morse
Before Versailles: the genesis of the ILO 1 By David A. Morse, Director-General 1948-197

Natan Elkin
Second illustrated contribution to the ILO centenary

Natan Elkin
Pour le Centenaire de l’Organisation internationale du Travail

Harold B. Butler
The First International Labour Conference, 1919

George Kanawaty
The ILO Training Department 1960-1990

Frangois Agostini
Some side aspects of ILO history

Carl V. Bramsnaes
The Election of Albert Thomas as the first Director of the ILO

Edward Phelan
Recalling Albert Thomas

Marc Carriche
A little story – The birth of the ILO logo

Personal memories

Carol Riegelman Lubin
John Gilbert Winant – the third Director of the ILO 1939-1941

Abdoulaye Lélouma Diallo

H.F. Rossetti
Grace Sampson: 50 years’ service

Alexander Samorodov
An Unknown Hero Retiree. Based on real event

J.C. Alexim
Labour joke

William Mellgren
A Life-changing Experience

Liz Sommaro
Faces from the Past

Hans Hammar
Happy memories

Ivan M.C.S. Elsmark
Alice Golay (alias Rivaz) and the ILO